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Student Ambassador Program

The Google Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. These ambassadors:

Learn about innovative Google products and programs.
Plan and host fun events on campus.
Act as a campus contact for Google teams.
Help Google better understand each university’s culture.


Xpress Web App Builder

Start with Xpress Web App Builder

Xpress Web App Builder offers a no-code approach to creating Nokia Asha web apps and delivering them directly to the Nokia Publish QA portal.

Microsoft Student Partner Program


Complete the online application form at https://www.microsoftstudentpartners.com/Registration/Apply

Complete at least any two activities from list of 4 activities given ( Deadline to complete activities 31st December 2013)

Build a Windows 8 App
Windows Azure community contribution
Build Office app
Complete courses in Microsoft virtual academy at http://microsoftvirtualacademy.com/

Even if you finish two activities from above four you are eligible for next round. But if you are finishing more than two activities means you will be given more preference.

Recommendation latter from MSP or Faculty stating your quality or attributes for selecting as Microsoft Student Partner.

If you finish any two activities from above you will be eligible to attend the knock out round telephone interview with MSP team.

So the race begins

For complete detail of the above activities, rules and regulations visit https://www.microsoftstudentpartners.com/Home/Apply