Quora – crossed 1 million answer views

Hi Readers, I am happy to share that I have just crossed 1 million answer views in quora.com on 12/12/2017. I used to write answer for question which are asked by fellow quorains. Mostly I write answer for topics like windows, OS, java, big data, spring boot etc. Just passed 1 million answer views on …

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Windows 8,8.1 Store Error- Your purchase couldn’t be completed ERROR CODE: 0x80010108

Hi Readers, I am happy to post another blog post on how to solve  the Windows Store Error Code :0x80010108. A few days back when I was downloading an app say YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER for Windows 8/8.1.   I met an error code, I searched the google but the steps to solve this were complicated. So, I …

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Microsoft Student Associate Program

Are You Ready Microsoft Student Associates represent their local campus as technology enthusiasts and social media/marketing evangelists. It is an initiative that focuses towards developing the leadership attributes of students in their community. As Microsoft Student Associates, the candidates will: 1. Drive student outreach and learning initiatives by hosting activities like workshops, boot camps etc. …

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I want to share a site which helped me in college days to work as an Intern   Site : http://www.letsintern.com/


https://www.dvlup.com/SignIn DVLUP gives developers exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Developers can earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for their Apps.

Wall Of Fame- Join The Tech Elite

  My name features in India App Review Board. "Revolutionize the Windows apps world with your expertise"

Develop Apps for Nokia X

I just started to develop apps for Nokia X (android smartphone) Some of the useful links to download are http://developer.nokia.com/nokia-x/downloads Read this environment setup and download the Nokia X Service http://developer.nokia.com/resources/library/nokia-x/getting-started/environment-setup.html If you have any apps in android( .apk file) just drag and drop to this website http://developer.nokia.com/nokia-x/analyse/ publishing your app http://developer.nokia.com/nokia-x/publish-your-app