Enable Linux(Beta) for Windows 10- Easy Steps!!!

Just go to this official Microsoft site:


Download the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant.

The upgrade assistant checks whether your system has the latest build 14393.105. If not, it installs the update.

Once it downloads the anniversary update and install in your machine. It reboots several times. For a 12 GB RAM system the reboot time took 25 minutes. So, please be patience.

Once the update is done. Just go to Setting –> Search Windows Feature.

A Windows Feature window appears, scroll and select the below.


It will ask for restart the system. Before restarting your system, please read this “https://tjosepraveenblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/14/easy-steps-how-to-back-up-windows-10-system/”

Open command prompt and type bash.

It will ask you to install the bash or not.


Once bash installation is done.

Press Win Key and type bash. A application named “Bash on ubuntu on windows”.

You can use cmd or bash on ubuntu on windows application to go ahead.

How to uninstall some package in bash for Windows 10?

Hope this help!!!.

Easy Steps!!! How to back up Windows 10 System

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Hi Readers,

I am happy to post another blog post on how to back up Windows 10 System.

Open setting, type restore.


Click on Create a restore point.

A window appears


Click on create restore point. It asks to enter a description. Enter and click Create.tjosepraveenwinrestore2.png


It says “The restore point was created successfully“.

If you like to check it.


Click on System Restore.

A window appears


Click on Next and select the Type, Manual (say). Click on Next it ask that it will roll back to the date which you have back up your data. Click OK. Wait for sometime. The system automatically roll back.

Clicking on “Scan for affected programs” tells about any program that were added since the last restore point will be deleted and any that were removed will be restored.


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Easy Steps!!! How to update your Windows Store apps frequently.

If you have a Windows 8.1/ 8 OS, then  you must update your windows apps frequently/set to auto update.

Open the Windows app store.

Press Windows key + I (key next to left Ctrl) , you can see the settings of your windows store app.

app store

Click on App Updates.

You might see the below screen.

app store 2

Set Yes for “Automatically update my apps“.

Click “Check for updates“.

You should get a list of apps to  be updated.

app store 3

Select the apps which you need to update. Click install to update it.

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Easy Steps!!! How to save time on Windows 8.1 automatic system recovery.

I have found a solution.

If you haven’t shutdown your system properly or your OS gets crashed your system gets restarted.

1. On that time you might see a screen “Diagnosing Your PC” as shown below


2 .A few minutes, you might see a screen “Automatic Repair” as shown below


3. Click on the advanced options, you might see too many options

Click on the “Continue” option


4. Then your system gets restarted, you might see the below screen


5. After few minutes, you might see this!!!!!!


That’s All Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This trick worked in my laptop.

Try at your own RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Easy Steps!!! How to open a windows app without going to the start menu

Open Task Manager

Click on third tab named “App History”.

Double Click on the App which you want.

Example:  In the image, I have double clicked the app “Beach  Buggy  Racing” and gets open. That’s It.


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Easy Steps !!!!! Whether Your Machine Supports Virtualization.

Open task manager.

Click on the performance tab


The above picture(Red Rectangle) shows that your system supports virtualization.(Hyper V) is being enabled.

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Easy Steps!!!!!!!! Windows 8.1 Wifi- Check your Usage!!!!!!

This post help you to check your data usage on Windows 8.1 OS machines.

Click or tap on the Wifi icon on the taskbar.

A sidebar opens. RIght click on your Wifi NetWork name.


The above picture which shows the estimated usage the amount consumed data, metered connection always ask permission to download e.g Outlook Web app(If you use settings as metered connection, this app ask can i download from sever now).

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