Find a wordpress blog theme’s design name(without online tool)- Easy steps!!!

This post is about a wordpress theme design you came across while searching something in internet and you like to set that theme design to your personal blog.

Your are using some online wptheme check and other wordpress theme finder tools to get that theme design name. But it is waste of time.

Open the wordpress theme blog which you came across(ex:

Press F12 to enable the console.

Press Ctrl + f to find the word ‘get theme:’ under the elements tab as shown below.

wordpresstheme find.PNG

That’s it. I have used Button theme  for my blog.(

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Transfer files from phone to pc without using a USB cable and vice-versa

If you have a android/iphone try this!!!!

Download Xender app from play store, install it in your phone.

Open the Xender App.

It has an option to share to PC/Mac. Use that option.



Your PC/ Laptop and android mobile has to be connected to a internet/ create a Wi Fi hotspot.

Open web browser in your laptop/PC and type

Scan that QR code with your android/iphone phone.

Now your web browser in your laptop/PC willshow up your phone internal and sd card storage. Now you can transfer file instantly.


If you like you share your image from Phone to laptop/pc. In xender app of your mobile just touch the image/ file you like to share a pop appears as below. Just touch go to dir. It gets download in your laptop/pc.


This is the best way to share a data between devices with or without internet and without a USB data cable.

You can transfer data from laptop to mobile. In second image (browser image). Just click on upload to upload file/ image to your phone.

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Have a Windows PC/laptop, then get a free 32 GB storage space android device

I own a android device which has an internal storage of 8 GB in which 4 GB is the free space.

If I download some apps and install in my phone. Say Facebook app the total app size is 32.44 MB in which App data 16.69 MB stores in my internal memory.

If I like to install apps like Asphalt 8, Real Racing, GT Racing 2 and 3 more games. Some app data will gets stored in my internal memory and gets fulled. Moreover you need minimum free internal space to update your existing system apps or upgrade to next android version.


So, to overcome this low internal storage space issue, download Bluestack player from

Install the BlueStack player to your hard disk.

Open the blue stack app, go to setting page you can see internal storage to be 15.62 GB


Your external storage(SD card) to be 15.98.android3

So, you can get around 30 GB of free space.


How this works?

In my system bluestack player has been installed in  H Drive. The path to find the Data(internal storage ) and SD Card(External Storage) is

h:\\{{folder name}}\BlueStacks\Android.

You can also install apk files in bluestack player without sign in your google account.

You can use ES File Explorer to share data between your PC/Laptop and blue stack player.

The shared files from bluestack player will be in this path

h:\\ {{folder name}} \BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder

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Easy Steps!!! How to update your Windows Store apps frequently.

If you have a Windows 8.1/ 8 OS, then  you must update your windows apps frequently/set to auto update.

Open the Windows app store.

Press Windows key + I (key next to left Ctrl) , you can see the settings of your windows store app.

app store

Click on App Updates.

You might see the below screen.

app store 2

Set Yes for “Automatically update my apps“.

Click “Check for updates“.

You should get a list of apps to  be updated.

app store 3

Select the apps which you need to update. Click install to update it.

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Easy Steps!!! Couldn’t move app. Not enough storage space. In Android Devices while moving app from phone memory to SD card memory- Problem Solved!!!

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Hi Readers,

I am happy to post another blog post on how to move your apps from internal storage to external storage(SD card).


While moving apps to SD card if your getting the above error. Try below steps

Take a data backup of your SD card.

Erase the data in the SD card.


Add some songs or videos to your SD card and make sure your SD card has 70% free space.


Try downloading “” from google play store.

Open the AppMgr III (App 2 SD ) app.


You may find the apps that are movable to SD card.

Touch the apps that you want to move.


Touch move to SD card, to move your apps to SD card.


The app is now in SD card.


This worked in my Honor 4x mobile (Android Kitkat and Lollipop Version)

No Root Needed.

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Easy Steps!!! How to save time on Windows 8.1 automatic system recovery.

I have found a solution.

If you haven’t shutdown your system properly or your OS gets crashed your system gets restarted.

1. On that time you might see a screen “Diagnosing Your PC” as shown below


2 .A few minutes, you might see a screen “Automatic Repair” as shown below


3. Click on the advanced options, you might see too many options

Click on the “Continue” option


4. Then your system gets restarted, you might see the below screen


5. After few minutes, you might see this!!!!!!


That’s All Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This trick worked in my laptop.

Try at your own RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Easy Steps!!!!!!! How to Set Up Cortana in Windows phone 8.1

Open Cortana, it says I’m afraid and can’t speak the language which you have chosen. If so,


Go to setting, Speech


Change Speech Language from English(India) to English(United Kingdom)


English(United Kingdom) is 15mb system update, it asks to reboot the phone. Done!!!

Open Cortana, you get


Enable your location settings, then


That’s All Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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