Packtpub offering Mapt pro – 4000 courses, 10 days entire ebook library free

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I am happy to post another blog post on how to get Mapt pro for 10 days entire ebook library free.

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Before Packtpub was offering everyday free ebook titles (link) on different topics. For this month, the entire ebook library(Pro edition) is free(10 days only) to access where you can access more than 1,000 technologies & topics.


June 2017, you can get 50% off a year of all the best tech courses on Mapt.

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Mastering Android Application Development eBook Free

Learn how to do more with the Android SDK with this advanced Android Application guide which shows you how to make even better Android apps that users will love

  • Learn how to design and build better Android apps to reach new users
  • Explore the latest features and tools in the Android SDK that will help you become a better developer
  • From concurrency to testing – through to adding adverts and billing, this book ties together every element to help you deliver a high-quality Android application on Google Play
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