Can’t get connection to zookeeper: KeeperErrorCode = ConnectionLoss for HBase

A few days back when i was working on hbase to create a table, I just open the terminal and typed hbase shell(to get into hbase shell view).

Then I typed list(to list all tables). The HBase shell throwed me some error similar to the blog post description and the below image.

hbase zookeeper issue

I just checked some stackoverflow to get this issue fixed. Some said i might be the issue with Zookeeper Quorum, network issue, NAT problem.

I found the solution for this problem.

Open the hbase-site.xml from /dir/hbase-0.9x.x-hadoop2/conf

Just take a backup of the hbase-site.xml by using cp command(cp hbase-site.xml hbase-site.xml_backup).

Open the hbase-site.xml, add the below one’s in the xml file






Save and close the file.

Open a new terminal and type hbase shell to get the shell. Type list to get the list of tables.


Hope this helps.

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