Transfer files from phone to pc without using a USB cable and vice-versa

If you have a android/iphone try this!!!!

Download Xender app from play store, install it in your phone.

Open the Xender App.

It has an option to share to PC/Mac. Use that option.



Your PC/ Laptop and android mobile has to be connected to a internet/ create a Wi Fi hotspot.

Open web browser in your laptop/PC and type

Scan that QR code with your android/iphone phone.

Now your web browser in your laptop/PC willshow up your phone internal and sd card storage. Now you can transfer file instantly.


If you like you share your image from Phone to laptop/pc. In xender app of your mobile just touch the image/ file you like to share a pop appears as below. Just touch go to dir. It gets download in your laptop/pc.


This is the best way to share a data between devices with or without internet and without a USB data cable.

You can transfer data from laptop to mobile. In second image (browser image). Just click on upload to upload file/ image to your phone.

Hope you like the post. Keep reading my blog and thanks for sharing my post.

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