Have a Windows PC/laptop, then get a free 32 GB storage space android device

I own a android device which has an internal storage of 8 GB in which 4 GB is the free space.

If I download some apps and install in my phone. Say Facebook app the total app size is 32.44 MB in which App data 16.69 MB stores in my internal memory.

If I like to install apps like Asphalt 8, Real Racing, GT Racing 2 and 3 more games. Some app data will gets stored in my internal memory and gets fulled. Moreover you need minimum free internal space to update your existing system apps or upgrade to next android version.


So, to overcome this low internal storage space issue, download Bluestack player from www.bluestacks.com.

Install the BlueStack player to your hard disk.

Open the blue stack app, go to setting page you can see internal storage to be 15.62 GB


Your external storage(SD card) to be 15.98.android3

So, you can get around 30 GB of free space.


How this works?

In my system bluestack player has been installed in  H Drive. The path to find the Data(internal storage ) and SD Card(External Storage) is

h:\\{{folder name}}\BlueStacks\Android.

You can also install apk files in bluestack player without sign in your google account.

You can use ES File Explorer to share data between your PC/Laptop and blue stack player.

The shared files from bluestack player will be in this path

h:\\ {{folder name}} \BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder

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Happy Reading!!!!

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