console I/O methods in java.lang.System class

The console I/O methods in System class are; read a byte
System.err.print() print a value
System.err.println(); print a value followed by a newline
System.out.print(); print a value
System.out.println(); print a value followed by a newline.
System.setIn(); redirect stdin to a file
System.setErr(); redirect stderr to a file
System.setOut(); redirect stdout to a file


System.setIn(Inputstream in)

 //read a file
 System.setIn(new FileInputStream("E:/hai.txt"));
 //read first character of a file
 char c = (char);
 //print the first character in a file

System.setOut(PrintStream out)

 //create a file
 System.setOut(new PrintStream("E:/hai123.txt"));
 //text gets generated in the file
 System.out.println("This is System class!!!");

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