PDF Generation in Java using iText JAR

This post is about how to create pdf with iText jar. The code snippet is

try {
OutputStream file = new FileOutputStream(new File(“E:\CreateTest.pdf”));
Document doc = new Document();
PdfWriter.getInstance(doc, file);
doc.add(new Paragraph(“Hi! Welcome to my blog”));
doc.add(new Paragraph(new Date().toString()));
catch (DocumentException | IOException e) {

Jar Link: https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/itext/itext/4.2.1

Code Flow:

Create a new pdf file named as CreateTest.
Create a object for document(iText jar api)
Call getInstance for PDFWriter and pass document object and outputstrem object as parameters.
Call document object to open the document
Add some message, date by using the Paragraph instance.
Close document and file object.

Hope this helps. Please subscribe and comment if any doubts.


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