How to check the internet data consumption/usage via task manager?

This post is more about he speed of your net and how to check it in windows 8.1 OS, how you can save the net pack.

The background task service which is running without your knowledge consumes some data/speed of your internet.

The below solution has worked on my laptop/desktop.


Steps to check the net speed or browsing speed via windows 8.1 Open the task manager.

Open any one one browser and start using it.

On the task manager as shown below, you might see the speed for e.g google chrome below(network tab) the speed is 0.4 Mbps

localhost system

But if you see the red rectangle which is highlighted which consumes the data 0.1 Mbps and i.e the services which is used to run the Windows 8.1 OS.

But that services makes your net speed slow and consumes some metered data. You might be seeing this {Service Host: Local System(19)} services are running.

Nothing to worry about it. This services consumes the data in my laptop or my desktop for past few months. I found a solution, which service consumes the data. Steps to solve !!! Open run command. Type services.msc and a window opens as shown below localhost system1

The service named Background Intelligent Transfer Service which runs automatically.

This is nothing but idle background service used in idle network bandwidth which automatically downloads windows updates.

Right click on the Background Intelligent Transfer Service(as shown above ) stop the service.

Stop this service and you can save your data/ net pack. localhstsample

Please do write your comments or suggestions for this topic. This will be helpful if you come across this scenario.

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