Chance to get free Windows Phone Developer account


To publish apps in windows phone store, you need to create an account in Windows Phone developer account .
Please visit the link
It will cost at least 50 $ to create a dev center account but for students its free Absolutely free !!!
To get free account all you need is a Dream spark Key
Dream spark key  is issued by Microsoft to students to get free access to windows phone and Windows Store developer center.
But its not easy to get a Dream spark key unless you participate in any Microsoft Hackethons or Your college registered with Microsoft.
Now you have a golden opportunity to get a Dream Spark key for free from DVLUP Contest, A contest for Windows Phone App Development.

To get a Dream spark key:



  • Create a new live id for free (also called as Microsoft ID) at
  • Now send a mail to stating you are a student and you need a dream spark key for app development along with the scanned copy of your college ID from your new Live id.
  • Please be patience until they verify your ID and send you a dream spark ID.( It may take at least two days to get a key)
  • Now you can use that key for creating your dev center account (Remember the key is one time validity key so don’t share it with others).


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