Windows Phone Developer Account

Step 1:

Create Dream Spark account in

Go to->students section ->Click on Sign-in->Click on Create an Account->

Enter all details->Click on Verify->Select I have a verification code->Enter Dream spark key->

Click on Verify.

Step 2:

Now Go to App Development section and click on Windows Phone Development

Then download the sdk of windows phone 7

Step 3:

On the other tab go to and sign in with your hotmail mail account

Click on join and on the next page it will be asking you your country.

If you are a student click on the student or  individual.

Step 4:

On the next page, you have to fill all your details correctly and click on the next button

It will be asking you the subscription whether a paid  developer account for a year.

Step 5:

If you are  a student, then go to dreamspark for which you must have linked with your hotmail account

Step 6:

After linking your dreamspark account with hotmail

Do select the the tab I’m a student (if you are a student) to get a free a year subscription account and click on next that’s it you got your developer account.

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